Lost August

Soulful and honest narratives written in the Finnish archipelago. Contemporary lofi-pop with urban beats, acoustic sounds and melancholic melodies. Bass, beats, acoustic, synthesizer etc.

An artist who comes from a place that might seem strange to someone. It’s not a place of fast cars, swimming pools nor dangerous streets or graffiti walls. It’s a place of peaceful mind and freedom. A hideout in the heart of Finnish archipelago.

The Aügst’s music considered as contemporary lofi-pop. Until it’s called it something totally different. However, it’s a combination of urban beats, acoustic sounds, and melancholic melodies. All played quite carelessly.

–I do music because I have to, otherwise I would probably go mad. For me, the only thing to care about is the possible impact the music (or the way of thinking behind it) probably makes on other people.  After listening there should be something to walk away with.